A Cut Above Knife Club at S+L Kitchen & Bar

A Cut Above Knife Club at S+L Kitchen & Bar … and everything you need to know about THE Knife

The first rule of Knife Club is, you definitely talk about the Knife Club. The second rule of Knife Club is you identify the brilliance of the steak knife and take the opportunity to know you are our special guest. The third rule of Knife Club, only one steak per knife, well … at least at a time. Fourth rule, you play along when we want to produce a silly infomercial. The S+L Knife Club is for our guests who are “a cut above”. Membership is reserved for those who have become or are becoming our most loyal guests. With membership comes benefits, so they say, such as first access to special events, a direct line to our leadership team for reservations or feedback or first priority for the JRG Courtesy Shuttle which runs on Friday and Saturday nights.

Perhaps the biggest benefit though is the silverware that comes with it. A hand-crafted steak knife fit for a king or queen, complete with your name engraved to its handle. Trust us when we say, there is nothing like slicing into a fresh filet then when doing so with one’s own personal knife. This knife will guide you through each inch of your meal and when you’re done, your knife will be refurbished (OK, washed) and placed back in its place of rest, on display, waiting for you, for your next. It’s waiting, until your next visit.

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