3 Defining Factors in Building an Exciting Culinary Career

Chef Colin Burslem’s excitement is drawn from his passion for food and he tells us about 3 defining factors in building an exciting culinary career.

  1. People
  2. Products
  3. Environments


Our team, our guests and our community come first. We really are stronger together.

Curating quality products and supporting local farmers and producers.

Creating fun energetic spaces where people are excited to work and visit.


In addition to further building his own culinary career, Chef Colin wants to inspire chefs through leadership and professional development opportunities. We’ll tell you more about that after our first Chef+Learn event happening this month!



And the LIGHTNING ROUND with our Culinary Director, Chef Colin Burslem ….

Coffee or tea?
Coffee – Nitro it is!!

Would you rather be Batman or Robin?

You are about to get a fight, what song comes on as your soundtrack?
Eye of the Tiger

What’s a movie you can practically quote from start to finish?
None not the biggest movie buff

You have 30 minutes of free time, what do you do?
Spend it with my wife and children

What city did you most enjoy living in?

If you had a theme song, what would it be?
All I do is Win DJ Khaled

Cake or pie?
Warm Pie and Ice Cream

Which of the Seven Dwarfs are you most like?
Doc – Definitely the leader

What’s your favourite day of the week?

What celebrity chef would you most like to prepare you a meal?
Paul Bocuse

What app do you use most?